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    Constance Nicole Frierson grew up on the Southside of Chicago after spending 5 years of her early life in Mobile, Alabama with her grandmother. She was born into a legacy of secrets and is dedicated to telling stories that shine light and truth.

    Constance is a working writer and content creator, putting the finishing touches on her autobiographical novel, The House on Union Street.

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    "My writer's mission is to illuminate universal human truths, so that more creatives can be inspired to galvanize a movement for racial education, equanimity, an end to hate speech, abuse, and the underlying social currents that create environments in which hate flourishes."


    The House on Union Street is loosely based on the author's experiences being adopted into a complicated family system and post-traumatic stress caused by several incidents. It calls upon the history of Blacks in the South and the Great Migration.


    As a divorced Black grandmother and mother of two adult daughters who were ferried amongst relatives and sent South and back again, Constance has a deep understanding of institutionalized oppression, generational trauma, and the corrosive effect white privilege has had on this nation.


















    Constance has lived on the Low End, literally and figuratively. Preserving the history of the Black experience is critical for future generations, so she grapples with the past while working towards a productive, equitable, and holistic future. 


























  • Award-winning narrative short film based on the author's short story, which is part of her upcoming novel. The film has appeared at festivals nationwide and is part of an education initiative to spur empathy-based discussions around racism, bullying and hate speech.


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